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February 2014

My Free Zoo: Shopping Centre

Simulation Spoil your visitors with a new building, the shopping centre!

Epic Now you can offer a gigantic shopping centre to all those visitors hoping to see more than just animals. In fact there are two to choose from, one big and one small. You can build them both, only one small centre and as many of the big centre as you like The centres not only look elegant, they also get all your coffee stalls, snack stalls and souvenir shops under one roof. That way you ...

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Operation X: Bugging Operation

Strategy Listen up: New espionage feature

High-end Espionage Regrettably, bugging and being bugged is part of everyday life these days. Each day the news is filled with new reports on the NSA, Snowden and Co. This is certainly ...

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Hero Zero: More space!

RPG Get ready to fight clutter: More storage space has arrived!

Make Room In Hero Zero you play an everyday hero. Because anyone can be a hero, all you need is a little imagination, a bathrobe and some cool goggles and shazam, you're a superhero! ...

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My Fantastic Park: Pony Ride

Simulation Get the paddock and give your visitors pony rides

Climb up! Make room for a piece of the Wild West in your park: The Western ranch and pony paddock will make US fans' hearts skip a beat. This latest attraction is exclusive to the "Western" theme area and can't be bought in the shop yet. The promotion on My Fantastic Park where you get the gardener tile when buying a certain number of diamonds is still on. This tile will send you a gardener ...

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Forge of Empires: Guild Wars

Who has the most powerful guild? Find out by fighting in the guild wars!

Epic It has arrived. The all devouring guild war has come and it is a war of battles, conquests and victories. Move to a new map, stand strong against hostile guilds and conquer ...

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My Free Zoo: Oryx Antelope

Simulation A masked creature in your zoo? Maybe it's a superhero?

Horn Attack Elongated, pointy horns, a black mask and large ears... that's what the exotic Oryx Antelope from sweltering Africa looking for a new home in your zoo looks like. ...

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Seafight: Wrath of Calypso

Action Love-crazed monsters are turning Seafight upside down

Saint Valentine on the ocean waves Seafight didn't forget Valentine's Day and will send you off into an ocean full of romance and love from February 20th to March 3rd: The Calypso ...

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Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances: New Server & Special Offers

Strategy Hurry up: Just yesterday a new world went live!

A new beginning Secure yourself a place at the top by colonizing this new world as quickly as possible. When a new server goes online, you have a very good chance of making a name for ...

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Future Torpia: Big ol' Update

New units, goods, buildings, functions, items and much more!

Futuristic Units It's time for the next level: Future Torpia is gearing up and now offers 12 new units per side! That means 12 new units for the humans as well as 12 for the Shivans. ...

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My Little Farmies: A Thief at Large

Simulation Stop the thief! He's carrying valuable loot!

A thieving thief Thieves go to prison? Not this one! The hooded figure sneaking around on your farm steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Which makes him a true Robin Hood! Offer ...

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