Pirates and more!

Miramagia: Pirate Update


The latest Miramagia update brings you pirate outfits – permanent ones! Four new pieces of clothing, three new sets of furniture, one new hairstyle, seven decorations and a new floor tile can turn your beautiful garden into a rugged pirate lair!

There are also various important changes:

- Your friend list can now hold up to 100 friends instead of only 50

- A new button in the quests sends you straight to Emma the Witch

- The “Page Up” and “Page Down” keys now toggle decorations. This will make picking mushrooms easier, for example.

- Igloo and gingerbread house enchantments only cost 1400 mana now instead of 5000 mana. You save more than 70%!

- We have removed the annoying confirmation windows that were getting in the way of you playing the game.

All this and much more in Miramagia!

More news about Miramagia

Miramagia: Festival of Hearts

Miramagia is celebrating a romantic day with a whole set of new items!

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