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January 2014

Farmerama: The Birthday is Approaching

Simulation Farmerama is turning 4 and needs your help with the party preparations!

4 years have passed! We are throwing a huge party on Famerama’s fourth birthday and need your help to turn it into a big success! The “Birthdays Countdown” will lead you to an exciting event full of new resources and rewards. Cultivate the Foxtail Lily event plant and find the highly coveted invitations which you can get from a harvest, from your neighbors or in the shopping ...

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Grepolis: Magical Update

Strategy Version 2.53 brings some changes and bug fixes!

Starting today, Grepolis version 2.53 is available, providing players who enjoy combining spells and effects with a new feature. Now, effects and spells no longer added, but instead ...

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The West: The Ultimate Challenge

RPG You can now reach level 150 and embark on new quests!

Makeover! Version 2.08. This is the latest version of The West and it will challenge you for everything you’ve got! The old level cap used to be at 120 but now 30 new levels await ...

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Miramagia: Pirate Update

Simulation Put on your eyepatch and work some magic: Pirate outfits in Miramagia!

Arrrgh! The latest Miramagia update brings you pirate outfits – permanent ones! Four new pieces of clothing, three new sets of furniture, one new hairstyle, seven decorations and a new floor tile can turn your beautiful garden into a rugged pirate lair! There are also various important changes:- Your friend list can now hold up to 100 friends instead of only 50 - A new button in the ...

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Drakensang Online: Lost Truth Event

Search for ore and obtain a new pet!

Mining Once again, it's time to discover the lost truth in Drakensang Online! Collect as much impure Viscanium as possible to obtain a key to the mysterious Viscanium mine. How do ...

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Drakensang Online: Update 117

More weapons and more justice!

Update 117 Heads up, hero! The latest update brings new weapons and armor for players of Steam Mechanicus! Just check in with the artifact merchant in Andrakash to get some new gear! ...

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My Little Farmies: How about some oatmeal?

Simulation A new plant is waiting for you in My Little Farmies!

There’s so much to do! *Drumroll* It’s time for a new plant in My Little Farmies: Oats! They open up a whole new production chain for you. Just plant it like any regular plant, and ...

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My Free Zoo: Snowy Owl

Simulation A snowy white nocturnal bird is looking for a new home!

Who? Who? Just in time for the cold weather, the Snowy Owl is returning to My Free Zoo! How can you secure one? Every day until Wednesday, January 29th, you can buy one of 8 Snowy ...

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Farmerama: The San Gigantika Express is back!

Simulation Swap your old stables for new ones!

Choo-choo! As some of you have probably noticed already – the speedy San Gigantika Express is back! This powerful train is ready to load up your stables and workshops. Just put your ...

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Tribal Wars: Premium Points

Strategy Starting now, the entire tribe in the top spot receives premium points!

Rewards You are probably aware that the best three players at the end of a world receive additional premium points. However, the Tribal Wars team has decided that three players is ...

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