Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars
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Conquer villages, trade goods, and rule the Middle Ages!

Build a village
Innogames' popular browser-based game "Tribal Wars" takes you to a fictional era where each player rules his own village. Instead of being king of your own castle, you are the head of a closed community. As the village leader, your responsibilities are many and varied, and range from trade and expansion to defensive measures.

Harsh world
As soon as you have secured a steady supply of raw materials, an increasing number of inhabitants will start coming to your village expecting your protection. This is because the situation outside the village walls is dire: Other villages are at war; there is plundering and pillaging going on, and even the mass destruction of villages! It would be wise to reinforce your walls and build up formidable military forces to ensure your enemies don't stand a chance. Fortify your village with archers, swordsmen, spearmen and many other different types of units, and hold your ground!

Offensive strategy
On the other hand, fending off attacks isn't all you want to be doing. And in any case, soon a single village won't be enough, so head out and conquer new land! As the name suggests, the situation is far from peaceful in Tribal Wars. Send scouts and plunderers into the vast expanses of land to gather intelligence on weaker villages before raiding them, or join forces with other villages to form great alliances and conquer all the villages on the map!

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Die Stämme Guerre Tribale Tribal Wars

Publisher Innogames
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 18.03.2014
Category Strategy, Construction Strategy, Real-Time Strategy
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