Rail Nation

Rail Nation
Build your rail empire!

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Train riding can be so much fun! Work out timetables, buy and sell goods, and enjoy the railway romance in this exciting tycoon game!

Everyone aboard!

Take up your position as the manager of a - presently - small railway company and transport all manner of goods to all corners of the world. Create strategic timetables, build new routes and research new technologies.
Of course you start out small at first, transporting basic goods like wood from town to town with a steam locomotive, buying new cars and improving the engines. Bit by bit you develop your network of track, suppliers and customers, until you find yourself destined to become a railway mogul.

Strength in numbers!

Things aren't always on track, though: just like in real-life railway companies, in Travian Games' Rail Nation you face strikes, tough weather conditions and shortage of resources.
This is where your competitors come in, who you can trade or ally with. But if they supply the same cities as you, they may also be your strongest competitors. So good relations are a must!

Journey through the ages

One of Rail Nation's most thrilling aspects is that you get to be there and shape the most important stages in railway history: experience the steam, diesel and electric trains!
Rail Nation is one of the faster browser games, because one game round "only" lasts about 4 months.

Shovel on the coal and start rolling!

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Rail Nation Rail Nation Rail Nation

Publisher Travian Games
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 12.02.2014
Category Strategy, Simulation, Construction Simulation, Management Simulation
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