Just your standard hospital madness!

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Become Chief Physician and save your hospital from going bankrupt!

Your job!
Nowadays you can manage almost anything virtually, regardless of whether it
’s an amusement park, a zoo, a farm or a gigantic spaceship. But in KapiHospital you can move around in a somewhat more atypical profession: medicine. You are in charge of the medical facility and responsible for every little thing from the basement to the top level. Treat your patients, manage staff members, drive the ambulance and turn your hospital into the kind of place that would put a smile on a patient's face.

You can personally customise the appearance of your Chief Physician: decide on facial characteristics and select your favourite clothes – including
the stethoscope.
you’ve mastered the initial steps, you'll face everyday life at the hospital. This consists in part of medical and in part organisational tasks. When it comes to the latter, you are responsible for typical elements in build-up games: expanding your building by adding new rooms, designing patient rooms and reviewing budgets.

When you're dealing with medical tasks, you need to pay full attention. Treat patients suffering from rare illnesses, work in the laboratory and do research
on new medications or drive the ambulance to quickly pick up injured people. Of course, you can also visit the Gift Shop at any time and purchase a "Get well soon" card for your friends.
Work hard to save people's lives
in KapiHospital!

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Kapi Hospital KapiHospital

Publisher Upjers
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 18.03.2014
Category Strategy, Simulation, Management Simulation
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