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In Anno Online, your mission is to discover the new world: Populate islands, send out expeditions and trade with other players!

Anno for everyone!

Chop wood, build stone quarries, set up marketplaces, trade luxury goods: If you're already rearing to go, we have even better news for you! Anno Online makes available for the first time a free-to-play version of the Anno series — playable in every browser, by all players, at any time!

The best of everything

The gameplay of Anno Online combines the best parts of all installments of the series to date, and also adds cool new features: As usual, you begin on an undiscovered island, found your business offices, build the first dwellings, and then begin expanding your empire. Bit by bit, you add new buildings to your settlement, cater to the needs of your inhabitants, and come up with new trade strategies.

Also, one new feature is the ability to move buildings. As an Anno fan, you're probably familiar with the following scenario: It's time to replace your church with a cathedral, but unfortunately it's often quite impossible to fit such a cathedral into an existing village. In Anno Online, you can now move existing buildings about as often as you like to create more space in your settlement — much like moving about Tetris blocks! We can guarantee that once you've tried it, you'll ask yourself how you could have ever done without it. And if it does get a little too crowded despite this new feature, it's probably time to populate new islands!

A peaceful world

The graphics of Anno Online resemble the style of Anno 1404, which means that you can look forward to a world rich in detail populated with animals, and with rivers and stretches of trees running through it. Against the backdrop of spectacular sound effects and background music, Anno Online immediately draws you in with its captivating atmosphere. By the way, in Anno Online, you won't have to worry about AI opponents or a military. The entire gameplay experience is focused on the expansion of your settlement while trading with real players at the same time.

Getting rich together

For the first time ever in the history of the Anno series, you will get the opportunity to share your fascination with Anno with other players: Deal with like-minded tradesmen, divide up the production of your goods and join powerful guilds to increase your influence and to tackle cross-server events and missions! This is because Anno Online receives constant support and attention, whether it's special community missions, various bonuses or extensive updates — the game is constantly being optimized.

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Publisher Ubisoft
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 05.05.2014
Category Strategy, Construction Strategy, Management Simulation
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