Run your own zoo!

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Fulfill a childhood dream and become the director of your very own zoo!

Your very own zoo
Happy visitors, clean paths, lots of greenery, and most importantly, loooooots of animals: In Zoomumba, you can create just such a fantastic zoo of your very own!
Presented with visuals that mimic hand-drawn graphics, you get to pick each individual enclosure, link them with wide paths, and create entire habitat zones with the use of decorative objects. All that's missing now is the animals. From land animals to birds and creepy-crawlies — you'll be spoilt for choice.

A rewarding job
Unfortunately, as the director, you can't simply spend all day taking walks in your zoo. Your hungry animals need to be fed and taken care of, the enclosures kept neat and tidy, and the visitors entertained. If you're a particularly good caretaker, your charges might even yield offspring! Little animals not only look really cute — they also attract a great deal of visitors to your zoo.

Visit your friends!
After putting in so much blood, sweat, and money into your own Zoo in Zoomumba, you'll definitely want to share it with other directors. Visiting each other is a piece of cake, and you can even exchange tips and tricks via the internal chat in the game. Maybe someone might even leave you a present?

Start building the best zoo in the world now!

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Publisher Bigpoint
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 19.02.2014
Category Simulation, Management Simulation
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