Rising Cities

Rising Cities
Build your own metropolis!

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Rising Cities is all about strategic city-building, and the power and responsibility for the economy that comes with it.

Oh, to be mayor

You are the mayor of your new city, and it is your job to lead it to wealth and fame! No easy task, because many factors make a successful city, and all need to be planned and coordinated. Invest in industry, build a functioning infrastructure, and acquire the right resources. Once money is flowing, you can personalise and decorate your city, making your residents as happy as possible.

Finding the right balance

Rising Cities is all about the famous proverb "From rags to riches". True, you don't start out in rags, and are already a mayor of a backwater, but you get the idea. Weigh up the amount of industry and change against your residents' happiness, developing your city step by step. New elements will appear gradually, as your city is always changing. Upgrade your buildings, produce goods and trade them with other players in the free market.

A little of everything

In a nutshell: Rising Cities offers elements from a traffic simulator, business simulator, creative freedom to build your city, and focuses heavily on your residents' happiness.
Presented in vibrant colours, with endearing animations and cool effects like flowing water leave nothing to be desired.

All in your browser, everywhere and all the time. 

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Rising Cities Rising Cities Rising Cities

Publisher Bigpoint
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 19.02.2014
Category Simulation, Construction Simulation
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