My Fantastic Park

My Fantastic Park
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Become the coolest amusement park director in the world and build the perfect park!

The challenge
Everyone loves visiting amusement parks. But wouldn't it be great to be able to design one of your very own? Build the perfect park full of exciting rides for all age groups, without waiting times and where the paths are always clean and free from trash (and puke). Are you up to the challenge? Then put your architectural skills to the test as a park director!

Be creative
Whether for wholesome family fun or adrenaline rushes: You determine which attractions will be popular with visitors and which ones are uninteresting. With the hundreds of decorations available, setting up a number of areas with different themes right from the start is no problem at all. How about a roller coaster all decked out in flowers? Or a tasty snack and drink corner filled with carnival treats?
Or will you decide on a time-honored classic — a Western theme? Analyze what your visitors want and redesign your park at any time.

Thousands of attractions
Build free-fall towers in your park, allow your visitors to fly around in Space Shuttles, and scare the wits out of them in eerie haunted houses. You can even design your very own custom roller coasters! At the end of the day, your guests can relax while watching animal shows or acrobatic interludes, and then stuff themselves with treats from your snack booths.
Visit other friendly directors or invite them to visit your park — maybe you'll even inspire each other to build even more magnificent parks!

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My Fantastic Park My Fantastic Park My Fantastic Park

Publisher Upjers
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 26.02.2014
Category Simulation, Construction Simulation, Management Simulation
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