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Are you a sorceress, mage or druid? Miramagia awaits you with an enchanted world filled with fantastical plants and creatures!

Are you ready for a garden brimming with magic?

Become a druid, shaman, sorceress or mage in this beautiful simulation all about magic. Your garden does not look like much when you enter it for the first time. But you can change that! Plant healing herbs, discover new plants and hatch a baby dragon.
Wait, baby dragon? Indeed, rear it with care and you'll have a powerful companion later in the game.

A world filled with magic

In Miramagia you use magic to solve most of your problems. Plough the fields, make it rain or even change the climate. As soon as you know the right spell, you can get going.

Enchanting looks

Enchanting gameplay like in Miramagia needs to have the right look. And it is definitely something to behold: hand-painted graphics, atmospheric animations and a lovely soundtrack take you deep into the magical world.

Interaction with other players is an important part of Miramagia, peaceful cooperation being emphasised: friendly competition is the hallmark of Miramagia.

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Miramagia Miramagia Miramagia

Publisher Travian Games
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 12.02.2014
Category Simulation, Management Simulation
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