Garbage Garage

Garbage Garage
With the Ludolfs!

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One man's garbage is another man's moneymaker: Manage your very own scrap yard!

So much junk!
Welcome to paradise: Old tires, rusty car bodies and badly damaged carriages are all waiting for new owners! You're new to the junkyard business, and are attempting to accumulate riches by dealing in old cars. Luckily, three specialists are there to lend their expertise: the Ludolf brothers! Owners of what is probably the most well-known German junkyard themselves, they are well-versed in all the tricks of the trade.

It all piles up
Your junkyard is both the last stop on the line as well as the place where dozens of vehicles gain a new lease on life. Of course, the primary focus is on all types of automobiles, but even exotic vehicles such as damaged tanks or even entire plane wrecks are waiting to be ripped apart and salvaged. However, being a scrap dealer, wrecks are not simply delivered to your front door — you're going to have to search for your raw materials on your own.

It's your junk!
All your scrap can either be sold individually, or you can invest a little bit of time and build functioning vehicles from what at first glance appears to be unusable metal parts, and then sell them to turn a huge profit. Your slowly growing fortune can then be used to expand and renovate your junkyard to create the most "aesthetic" scrap yard for miles around.

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Garbage Garage Garbage Garage Garbage Garage

Publisher Upjers
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 26.02.2014
Category Simulation, Construction Simulation
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