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Give your fantasies free rein in the enchanted garden of fantasyrama!

We humans live in a world that grows ever more grim, and as a result we are slowly losing even our fertile imaginations. However, imagination is exactly what the tree of life needs to survive.
Only you can save the world of Fantasyrama: Grow mystical herbs and plants, and help the delicate pixies protect the creatures which inhabit the forest.

Magical shrubs
Sow the seeds of imaginary plants such as the fragrant moss or the wind lily, water them and provide them with fertilizer, and then go on to sell your harvest or use it as feed. But beware: Not every type of flora will obediently let itself be reaped. Some bushes may attempt to hop away or kick up a huge fuss.
Let the pixies show you how to tame the mysterious forest creatures, and some of them may even become your most cherished companions. You can also look forward to encountering reclusive bears, luck dragons, and magical egg creatures!

A dreamscape
Dive into the fabulous world of Fantasyrama, where every flower and every tree gleams in a different color, and where you will encounter animals you have never seen before. Play Fantasyrama conveniently in your browser and design an inviting garden together with your friends.

Let yourself be enchanted!

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Publisher Bigpoint
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 19.02.2014
Category Simulation, Management Simulation
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