The West

The West
Pistol duels in the Wild West

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Become a gun-slinging hero and found your own city in the Wild West!

Play me a song of death
You find yourself in the desert, where lone tumbleweeds roll across the reddish sand, and somewhere a vulture screeches: Perfect place to start if you want to become a Western hero!

All players start as Greenhorns, but once they reach level 10 they can decide on one of four character classes. Become an adventurer, worker, soldier, or dueler, and go on to specialize in one of many occupational fields. However, in The West, simply being an expert rider and marksman isn't enough; you will also need to show strategic ability and diplomatic tact, and establish your own town on the prairie.

You've been challenged to a duel!
However, if you'd rather let others do the work, you can also join an existing town where multiple players gather to live their life in The West. In these civilized towns there are shops, hotels, and banks providing services you can use to increase your personal worth and to acquire new equipment. This is advisable because, in the Wild West, whenever discord arises between two parties, there's only one way to decide the winner: a classic duel. But don't let pride be your downfall — even the boldest of Greenhorns don't stand a chance against experienced gunslingers!

Always something new
The West is one of the most successful browser games there is and is constantly being expanded. Over time, new elements have been added to the game, such as forts, new occupations or new equipment. With thousands of active players, with whom you can forge alliances and trade goods, you'll never tire of life in The West — it's the Wild West after all!

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The West The West The West

Publisher Innogames
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 13.02.2014
Category RPG

The West: Valentine's Day event

Get ready for a Wild West duel that comes straight from the heart!

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The West: The Ultimate Challenge

You can now reach level 150 and embark on new quests!

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