Dino Storm

Dino Storm
The dinosaurs have gone wild!

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Grab your saddle, put on your cowboy hat, and mount your... dino? Wealth and glory await intrepid adventurers in Dino Storm.

Gold rush in Dinoville
Up till a short time ago, there wasn't much going on in Dinoville: The rangers protected the little town from the rampaging dinosaurs outside the town walls, and it's a good thing they've been successful so far — thanks to their advanced laser weapons.
But then Dinoville struck gold, and enormous amounts of it. Suddenly, Dinoville became the most important spot on the map within 1,000 kilometers. Naturally, in addition to honest prospectors, robbers also found their way to the "City of Gold", causing no small amount of trouble.

It's up to you now!
In this city, which is slowly descending into chaos, your mission is to enforce law and order once again. Face off with hostile bandits, tame wild dinosaurs, turn them into your mounts and gain control over outposts, gold mines and supply camps. Become the most important person in Dinoville: the sheriff.

The ultimate game experience
Dino Storm is the 3D browser game par excellence, with a vast and vivid virtual world that is never identical, and which requires each expedition to be meticulously prepared. In addition, countless collectible items await you which can be used to improve your equipment, or sold at the market for hard cash.

If the enemy bandits can do it, you can, too: Join forces with other Dino Storm players and face your enemies together!

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Dino Storm Dino Storm Dino Storm

Publisher Splitscreen Studios
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 05.02.2014
Category Action, Adventure, RPG
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