Steel Legions

Steel Legions
Steel, power and glory await you!

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Climb into the cockpit of your steel giant in the Steampunk PvP action MMO and mow down your enemies!

Get ready for explosive action!
Steel Legions is a so-called war machine game done steampunk style. You take control of a massive war machine similar to a tank. Gradually, your upgradable war machine will become your best friend on the battlefield where you wage strategic battles at lightning speed. Steel Legions is set in a steampunk world, a world where technological, metal constructs in a Victorian design dominate. This cool game is played in an online world, where you wage war against thousands others and forge alliances.

Steel, steam and oil

As is fitting for the steampunk era, steel, steam and oil are your major resources. So you have to look out for two things at the same time: fight your enemies and loot their resources to keep your war machine running.
Four empires are locked in an all-encompassing war, the Phoenix Empire, the Tundran Warriors, the Pandora Rebels and the Golden Territory.  Join one of these empires and lead it to dominance.

True freedom
Steel Legions is a free-to-play game, and all items can be acquired without spending money. It features brilliant graphics and spectacular 3D models – all in your browser!  

Get into the cockpit now!

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Steel Legions Steel Legions Steel Legions

Publisher Splitscreen Studios
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 06.02.2014
Category Action, Shooter
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