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Parrots, wooden legs and action! Seafight makes your pirate dreams come true!

Raise the sails!
The tang of the sea in the air, the motion of the waves in your walk, and your hand at the fuse of a cannon that weighs a ton. That is real pirate atmosphere. And that is exactly what you get in Seafight! Fight sea battles against other pirates and supernatural sea monsters, and become a feared captain of the seas.

Ever changing
One of Seafight's great features are its randomly generated sea maps. They give each player a slightly different experience, because each map is newly generated for sailing on. You explore the world on these maps, by day and night, boarding every ship you encounter. It can be worth it, netting you gold, ammunition and much more on your raids. If your ship gets damaged, the detailed damage system lets you see exactly where your hulking vessel has been hit.

Preparation is everything
Your real strength will only show out at high sea, when captains are pitted against captains in battle against real human players. It is a good idea to prepare your ship in the shipyard before going on a journey: buy ammunition, repair damage and add upgrades.

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Publisher Bigpoint
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 19.02.2014
Category Action, Adventure
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