Pirate Storm: Death or Glory

Pirate Storm: Death or Glory
Aye, Captain, are you ready?

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Become the most notorious pirate of the seas in Pirate Storm: Death or Glory! Take to the helm of your pirate ship and make ready to board!

Adventures as far as the eye can see

You step on deck, take the helm: you are the captain of your own ship!
You'd better be prepared for anything, because sea monsters, other pirates and the stormy sea itself are out to get you.

Sail the wide oceans, discover new islands in 7 regions, and anchor in harbours to get quests, items and upgrades for your ship.

A dazzling backdrop

Enjoy the pirate soundtrack while sailing idyllic Caribbean – and later even snowy – waters, but never let down your guard!  Any moment a giant crab or enemy ship could attack. So load those cannons with everything you've got and fire!

There's always something to do

There's always new competitions, tournaments and events in Pirate Storm: Death or Glory, where everyone gets a chance to win. It's worth it: winners can hope for gold, diamonds, XP and more.
Look forward to densely populated seas, where the ships of other players are shown in real time. Look for allies and establish a guild to become even more notorious. But beware of traitors!

You won't find more action than here!

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Pirate Storm Pirate Storm Pirate Storm: Death or Glory

Publisher Bigpoint
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 19.02.2014
Category Action, Adventure
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