Pirate Galaxy

Pirate Galaxy
Space pirates!

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Snap on your eye patch and fire up your space cruiser: Aye, we be boarding aliens today!

Something different for a change
Your ship is slowly roaming the vast game world flying the skull and crossbones, when an enemy ship suddenly attacks! You load your cannons and fire one green laser beam after another!
Wait, laser beams? You heard right: Pirate Galaxy takes pirate adventures from the high seas to deep space, and combines it with elements from shooter games. All that stands between the hostile Mantis alien race and the annihilation of mankind is you!

3D battles
Destroy or plunder enemy ships in a stunning 3D environment to gather resources and experience. But don't get too carried away: Spaceships appear in the most diverse shapes and sizes, and you're not equipped for every enemy, which is why you need to diligently gather raw materials from weaker opponents and jerry-rig upgrades for your galactic tin can.

Galactic clans
Even in the inky blackness of space, your very own fleet is the ultimate show of strength. Hence, you will team up with other space pirates by joining clans and gaining powerful allies in the fight against the Mantis. However, if your intention is to become the most feared pirate of all time on your own, you can also simply attack competing buccaneers and plunder them naked — the way pirating should be!

Save humanity now!

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Pirate Galaxy Pirate Galaxy Pirate Galaxy

Publisher Splitscreen Studios
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 06.02.2014
Category Action, Shooter
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