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Dark Orbit
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Deep space: faraway galaxies, vast worlds, endless danger. And you're an intrepid space pilot caught in the middle of it all!

Your space adventure
Dark Orbit has been inspiring adventurers for over 7 years and has over 80 million registered users at last count — almost as many as the number of people living in Germany!
But what exactly makes it so popular? Thankfully, Dark Orbit is not simply just another boring space browser game, but instead a fast-paced real-time multiplayer action shooter. Millions of players, or rather, space pilots, journey across galaxies on a constant quest to find enemy aliens, raw materials, and worthy opponents. They represent one of 3 corporations that are attempting to get their hands on the planets' raw materials. Which one you decide to fight for is entirely up to you.

Fire your laser!
In order to be a successful space pilot, one thing is indispensable: a functioning spaceship! From Cruisers to Hunters, there are ships to fulfill every pilot's desires. All models can be equipped with weapons systems, drones, and shields, and then designed according to your own preferences. Plunder defeated spaceships or purchase new parts in the shop. There's always a treasure to be uncovered somewhere, no matter how small.

Help where you need it
The enormous Dark Orbit community can be reached at all times via the game chat, and the well-frequented forum provides you with tips, strategies and other information on the seemingly endless Dark Orbit universe.
You also have the option of giving up your "Lone Ranger" existence and go hunting for raw materials and loot with friendly players.
As you'll see, the possibilities are as infinite as the cosmos!

Command your first spaceship now!

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Publisher Bigpoint
Platform Browsergames
Release DateReleased on 19.02.2014
Category Action, Shooter
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